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The registered capital of the company is RMB 120 million yuan. Tianxin construction company is a comprehensive construction enterprise approved by the Ministry of construction under the two level construction contract. Mainly engaged in foundation, earthwork, housing construction, architectural decoration and decoration, mechanical and electrical equipment installation, building curtain wall and other construction projects.

The company is led by a strong leadership team to form a united combat team, responsible for the overall planning and operation of the company. There are personnel administration center, engineering management center, technology department, cost department, financial management center and other departments.

The company always adheres to the idea of "people-oriented". In the early stage of the talent reserve, we constantly absorb, train and borrow all kinds of outstanding professionals, change their ideas, expand the market, and rely on their own strength and reputation to join in the fierce competition of the building market, so that the comprehensive construction ability of our company is more mature and strives for construction. Every project is a fine product.

In order to make the company have a broader space for development, the company takes "sincerity to trust and stable development" as its business philosophy. Adhere to the overall development of quality, management, service, with Scientific Outlook on Development, the owners first, quality first, service society as the quality management policy, with the construction unit sincere cooperation, hand in hand to build first-class construction quality.